Hop wire is a product that we produced to the hops growing method in Hallertau region Germany and all European hop farms. The product is made of black annealed wire and plastic twine. One end of the wire is a twisted loop with a short piece of plastic twine. The other end is open cut. Please refer to the following picture:


one end of the wire is a loop with plastic twine,the other end is open cut.


Palletised hop wires for delivery



hops sky trellises


     Looking at the pictures, people can easily imagine the usage of the hop wires - the looped end with Plastic twine is for tying above the sky trellises and the open cut end is for burying under the ground. In Hallertau region, the farmers used steel wire rope to set up sky trellises, just like wire netting in the sky. On the ground, the farmers planted the hops in regular space – about 2 meters per hop. In order to enable each hop to get enough sunlight, the farmers tie one end of wire with PP twine on the sky trellises and burry the other end under the ground for each hop. While the hop growing, it climbs up to trellises along the wire. Maybe we should call the hop wire as hop climbing up wire. Each harvest season, the farmers cut down the wires together with hops and process hop flowers for beer industry. Next year, the farmers replace new wires for hops growing.

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